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Well written by David Jameson, owner of Architech Gallery, it documents Iannelli's career with prose, as well as hundreds of images of his drawings, sculpture, and paintings.

A L F O N S O   I A N N E L L I
1888 - 1965

"Alfonso Iannelli's current reputation illustrates the paradox of how an artist can at once be illustrious and unknown.  In the Chicago area, he created the sculpture for Frank Lloyd Wright's Midway Gardens, worked on many apartments and homes with architect Barry Byrne, contributed much of the interior of the Pickwick Theatre, added bronze plaques to the Adler Planetarium, designed several structures for the Century of Progress Exposition, and ultimately carved the Rock of Gibraltar into the Prudential Building.  

During Iannelli's life (1888 - 1965) those achievements and more were examined in five exhibitions at the Art Institute of Chicago, and just after his death, a long essay put them in perspective in the quarterly Prairie School review."

Alan Artner - Chicago Tribune Art Critic 9/27/01


Color study of lobby interior
Tempera paint on tracing paper
Undated - Circa 1929
20 3/8 x 12 3/4 inches

The estate of Alfonso Iannelli 



Design for stained glass window
Pencil on tracing paper
Church Architect: Barry Byrne
Window design drawn by Alfonso Iannelli
Undated - Circa 1922
Approx. 24 x 10 1/2 inches

St. Thomas the Apostle was the first Catholic church designed by noted architect Barry Byrne.  Byrne, as he did with many of his buildings, collaborated with other designers and sculptors in the creation of the building's ornament.  Alfonso Iannelli designed much of the stained glass and sculptures for the building, however Byrne and Iannelli were removed from the project prior to its completion, and therefore many of his designs (including this window) were never installed.
Byrne and Iannelli continued to work together on other commissions for the Catholic Church, some of which are recognized as modern masterpieces.

Exhibited at the Chicago Cultural Center - "Modernism's Messengers: The Art of Alfonso and Margaret Iannelli" - May 18 through August 27, 2013.

The estate of Alfonso Iannelli  


Preliminary design perspective
View from Miner Street
Pencil and colored pencil on tracing paper
Designer: Iannelli Studios
Architect: Barry Byrne
Dated April 9, 1946
Approx. 16 1/2 x 27 inches

Exhibited at ArchiTech Gallery - Alfonso Iannelli Driven to Design - September 14 through December 29, 2001

The estate of Alfonso Iannelli


Design rendering of St. Joseph Pylon
Pencil and colored pencil on tracing paper
7 Sheets
Dated November 1, 1954

Architect: Naess & Murphy a precursor to C.F. Murphy and later Murphy/Jahn Architects
Approx. 23 1/2 x 34 1/2 inches (1 Sheet)
Approx. 15 x 18 inches (3 Sheets)
Various sizes (3 Sheets)
Blue Print: 26 x 40 inches

1 graphite, colored pencil and/or pastel. Condition: 1 vertical crease near the center of the drawing, a piece of old tape (can be removed with care) center right, light wrinkling as seen around the corners, otherwise in excellent.

3 graphite on tracing paper - Front Elev., Side Elev. and Plan  

3 drawings on tracing paper in graphite, colored pencil and/or pastel, taped together.  23 1/2 x 34 1/2 inches, 17 x 25 inches, 13 1/2 x 16 inches.  

Blue print of residence halls at St. Joseph's College. 

The estate of Alfonso Iannelli
Kelmscott Gallery


Rendering of an outdoor fountain
Pencil on tracing paper
2 Sheets
Dated September 20 & 22, 1964
Approx. 20 1/2 x 36 inches

Design No. 1 for "Wisconsin Memorial Gardens", Madison, Wis. - Iannelli Studios Designers/Sculptors, Park Ridge Illinois. The center post has an eagle, the foreground post is a soldier, written along the front: "HONOR • COURAGE • TRIBUTE • MEMORY".  Conditions: heavy soiling lower left corner, creases at the left and right edges, overall very light soiling. 

Design No. 2 for "Wisconsin Memorial Gardens", Madison, Wis. - Iannelli Studios Designers, Park Ridge.  The center has an eagle and soldier. Conditions: creases at the left and right edges, overall very light soiling.  

The estate of Alfonso Iannelli
Kelmscott Gallery